1000 BEATS is organised by SELINUNTE’S ACADEMY© an innovative project with the aim of creating jobs combining tourism and culture.


The project stems from the awareness that Italy is an extraordinary country: because it has a rich heritage; because it is the first nation in the world to hold UNESCO sites; because it has a unique geographic position with a temperate Mediterranean climate and an extremely varied terrain; because it is recognised everywhere as a land of excellent food, tradition and culture.


However, it is not enough to have a large number of monumental and cultural sites to automatically attract tourists. Suffice to say that in 2015, while Europe hosted around half of the 1.183 billion global tourists (source World Tourism Organisation, UNWTO, United nations 2016 report), Italy only attracted 55 million.


SELINUNTE’S ACADEMY© works in the gap between cultural heritage and tourist attraction, producing successful cultural events in the music, visual arts, sport and academic excellence fields. In each project we are committed to building an attractive offer which would support a healthy balance of income and expenses and not on public contributions.


SELINUNTE’S ACADEMY© consists of professionals, friends, institutional and business partners, that promote the national heritage, certain that by combining 50% of natural heritage and history with 50% of human knowledge and expertise, the Italian cultural tourism would again become a unique world masterpiece.




Artistic Director


Contemporary classical percussionist, he has collaborated with many orchestras and ensembles such as Drumhead percussion and the Lugano Percussion Group, with which he has completed many tours and collaborations, like the famous Martha Argerich Project. Since 2007, he has joined the “Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana” as an extra percussionist and is also a teacher at the school of music and the pre-professional section of the “Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana”.



Executive Director


He acts as the chief executive of international trade machinery in the construction industry in collaboration with Caterpillar, one of the 30 American companies on the Dow Jones Index. In his working career he has bought and sold all over the world for a value above 100 million dollars. Graduate in History and Philosophy with his thesis in “The cultural industry”, he has attended the Entertainment Management course at the Luiss University in Rome.



Artistic Director


He studied classical percussion music but at the same time he explored the world of African and various ethnic percussion developing this new dimension in Netherlands with Nippy Noya (percussion player of Billy Cobham and John McLaughlin). More ways to express oneself brought Nino to study percussion keyboards (marimba, vibraphone and many others) and Asian percussion. The first music prize arrived in 2006 when he won the first absolute prize at the international festival “Days of Percussion” and the Special Prize at “ National Award of Arts” in Italy.